Ekokat is the registered trademark of Bergama Mining Perlite and its main product range is based on perlite insulated construction materials. Ekokat brand products offers high temperature and sound insulation, lightness and fireproof class A1 due to perlite’s raw and expanded forms used in formulas.

Ekokat products are produced in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standards and procedures in 10,000 m2 covered area in the factory in Bergama. Our factory, has a PLC controlled automation and robotics palletising/packaging system, is one of the most technological facilities in its area.

Bergama Mining Perlite has developed a %100 natural and home made wall block called EnergyBlock which provides high thermal insulation , lightweight, non-flammable by the results of the works of its own R&D team. Compared to its equivalents, it has the highest thermal insulation values and will be the most important product of the company in near future. Bergama Mining is about to complete the R&D activities of the products of the thermal insulation panels and EnergyBlock.



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