Bergama Mining Construction Machinery Perlite Industry & Trade Inc. is established in 2004 and is currently producing about 120.000 metric tons of crushed /screened perlite ore in its 10.000 m2 plant located on a 34.000 m2 area in Izmir -Bergama region.

Bergama Mining Perlite has the mining license of 10 different operational quarries within an licensed area of 5752 hectares in İzmir-Bergama, Manisa, Çanakkale and Ankara.

The Company’s operational process is conducted in conformity with at ISO 9001 standards.

The packing of the product is handled by our well-trained staff. When packing, we make sure that the humidity on the product is not bigger than our standarts. They are labelled, weighed and kept clean from the pollution in our storage until they are loaded. Our packagings are big bags (1250-1300 kgs max.), pp bags  (25-50 kgs) and paper bags (25 kgs). They are palletised before loading into a container. 

Our laboratorians and chemists do sieve analysis and regular tests which its standarts specified by Perlite Institute and ASTM on the products.  

Bergama Mining Perlite continues its R&D activities in order to make a better-performing and more valuable product modifying the perlite which has a wide range of use.           

Bergama Mining Perlite products are mainly used in construction, filter aid, horticulture, foundry and cryogenic markets.

Bergama Mining Perlite is a member company of